About Us

joanna Joanna is currently living in Providence, RI where she spends most of her days working for InDowncity, writing and designing for Get Along and Go, and enjoying time with her family and pup.  A native of Rhode Island, she moved to NYC in the late 90′s to attend New York University, but returned to Providence to finish up at Brown University.  Her background in interior design and retail merchandising sparked and interest to attend classes at RISD in graphic design.  She began blogging for InDowncity in 2008 and for Get Along and Go in 2012.  Joanna is an avid cook and gardener, with a love for days spent at the beach, interior design, branding, and bold graphics and colors.


After coming to Providence, RI to receive a degree in marketing communications, Lorien now calls Rhode Island home. Since 2010 you can find Lorien blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and pinning daily for In Downcity during the day. Since 2012, Lorien has also been dedicated to blogging for Get Along and Go, where she shares her interests in culture, style, fashion, cooking, and music. Lorien loves simple, yet bold designs and thinks less is always more. And although she can’t give up pizza entirely, she is always on the hunt for a good gluten free recipe (recommendations always welcome).