Couldn’t Help Myself: New Music

May 21, 2013 at 11:34 amBY Lorien


I tend to listen to the same band/artist/track over and over again (just ask my old college roommates) but since I’m taking a few long car rides this summer, including one this weekend, I’m on mission to hunt down new bands. I came across these two great videos (great for different reasons) on my music search, one from The Vinyl Factory’s new series and one from The Black Cab Sessions, I couldn’t help myself and I just had to share:

The Vinyl Factory’s “Behind the Counter” – A recent discovery and I’m already hooked. “Behind The Counter” interviews record shops who share their top 5 vinyl releases of the week. I love that the format of this series is in video and I think it will become a great source for music for both my record and online collection. Only one video in the series so far (that I can find), I already can’t wait for more videos/more recommendations (check out Kit Grill).

Black Cab Sessions – I love the concept of this series, live performances from talented bands who perform in the back of the cab. Bands do a stripped down versions of their songs and so the performance is very intimate. They have big names along with newer bands, including John C. Reilly! Did you know he could sing? And well?

Where else should I be looking to find new music?

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