Covering Up at the Beach

July 2, 2013 at 2:00 pmBY Lorien


Next week I’m headed to Maine to camp out for 4 days on some island (anyone have recommendations of places I should try to check out). We’ll be camping right near the water in the woods, so I have a feeling I’m going to be in my bathing suit a lot. Unfortunately. I’m not exactly bathing suit ready so I’m looking to these to cover me up.


1. Women’s Regular Geo Cotton Voile Shirtdress Cover-up, Lands End
2. Pierside Cover-up, Madewell
3. Cotton Voile Cubist Houndstooth Tunic, J.crew
4. Vneck Tunic in Wave Stripe,J.crew


I’m also in love with this striped towel for its pattern and for how big it is (5ft tall). I’m hoping there will be major opportunity to just lay out, I will be away for 4 days and we will be camping… not really sure what other things that will be to do (I’m still new to thing camping thing).

Lastly, A Cup of Jo featured this great invention: a bag and a picnic blanket all in one. It’s compact and is only $30. The other great thing about it? It comes in so many bright and summery colors….

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Style Muse: Dear Rae

June 24, 2013 at 10:35 amBY Lorien



Two Tear Drop Brass Bangle


Brass Hexaon Ring


Zewi Ring

Joanna and I just got back from Alt NYC on Friday, we had the most amazing time meeting other bloggers, talking with industry people, getting advice and learning so much about blogging, social media and marketing. We’re going to share all of it on Thursday, but until then here are some pretty things to look at.

Like finding the perfect little black dresses, or being able to eat the same good pasta dish over and over again, I will never sick of looking for, and at, delicate jewelry. I love this line Dear Rae and was very happy to find out that R350 (South African Rand) is only $34 dollars!

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Etsy Finds: BagyBags

June 11, 2013 at 10:15 amBY Lorien





I came across these bags on the fantastic blog Confetti Riot and I just had to share. I’ve had a mini obsession with finding a backpack for the summer. I’ve let go of the fact that wearing one makes me look way younger than I already look, I’ve let go of the fact that it isn’t the most ‘adult’ accessory and I’ve given into the comfort and convenience that a backpack gives you.

I have already found a cheap one at a Salvation Army and it was a lifesaver while camping, I only wish I had found these handmade bags from BagyBags earlier. The etsy store also has great totes, unisex backpacks and laptops cases. I love a good Etsy find.

1. Unisex, navy and chocobrown canvas Backpack, $95.70
2. Navy stripe denim fold over flap style tote , $78.80
3. Unisex, Navy stripe denim backpack with navy canvas flap, $95.70
4. 13 inch MacBook or Laptop sleeve / Laptop bag, $52.70

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Friday Giveaway: Sweet Shades From Queen of Hearts

May 31, 2013 at 10:00 amBY Joanna

qoh giveaway

Today is the big day!  Our first friday giveaway over here at Get Along And Go.  It’s been a while now that I’ve wanted to partner up with a shop owner and offer our readers a chance to win some Get Along And Go approved goods.  The first give-away partner that came to mind was Karen Beebe’s shops Queen of Hearts and Modern Love (she owns two stores!) in Providence, RI.  Both of these businesses are chock-a-block full of clothing, shoes and accessories we’re dying to own, so it seemed like the natural pick for our first give-away…plus Karen is incredibly generous and jumped at the opportunity to participate.

Not only does Karen curate two beautiful stores, she’s launched a web shop as well, where you can easily pop in and shop from home.  It’s easy to build up a lengthy wish list poking around her site.  She has an abundance of summer dresses right now, I could buy an entirely new wardrobe!  And the best part of all, Karen has a selective eye for the well priced – super reasonable fashion finds – so nothing is priced outrageously.  We’re pretty lucky to have such a great store within walking distance.


Queen of Hearts is giving away these sweet Pamela shades to one of our lucky readers.  To enter to win – visit the Queen of Heart/Modern Love online shop and come back to this post and let us know what you liked the most.  Leave a comment here and you will be entered to win…that’s it.  Simple.  Entry for the give-away will be open all weekend.  We’ll announce the winner Monday morning on Twitter/Facebook (so make sure you’re following us on facebook and twitter).

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Style Muse: Wearing White

May 20, 2013 at 10:02 amBY Lorien



Last night over dinner, four women of different generations had the discussion about wearing white. The two eldest still stuck by the “wear white after Memorial day” while the youngest, a recent high school grad, never even heard of that rule. My rule for wearing white is usually to not to, regardless if it’s before or after Memorial Day, because I don’t trust myself to not spill. But these ladies have inspired me to think twice about changing my rule and wearing white jeans….

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Window Shopping: Summer Sandals

May 10, 2013 at 10:00 amBY Joanna


Worishofer 505 / Sweedish Hasbeens / Madewell Mini Wedge / Crossed Wedges

Today’s weather is gorgeous! Dry, mid-70′s, sunny, just perfect.  Of course with days like these, my mind wanders to my summer wardrobe, and what I’m missing.  I’m due for a new pair of summer sandals and these four are on the tip top of my list.  Deciding is going to be the hard part…I want a pair of each…



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Style Muse: Lara Melchior

May 6, 2013 at 9:30 amBY Lorien



Ugh… Mondays. I wish I could approach Mondays with vigor and enthusiasm, but instead I am usually rolling our of bed with only on eye open. And when it comes to getting dressed, I throw on the least fussy, which means the most casual outfit in my closet. But I would like to change that, which is something I think anyone can relate, to wanting to elevate your style just a bit…

Recently, a style muse for me has been Lara Melchoir. While I don’t know her, she seems to have such style. Her sophisticated simplicity is something I envy and admire when it comes to getting dressed.

Here’s to trying to putting more effort in on Monday mornings!

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Home Improvement:

April 30, 2013 at 9:25 amBY Lorien



All the blooming flowers and this DIY project, has inspired my next home improvement project: pressed flowers in frames. While my home is very much perfect in many ways, I do have a slightly long list of little improvements I love to start tackling – get a bigger table, paint that piece of furniture, buy new curtains, find a way to hide all my messes and (finally) decorate my walls.

Finally feeling motivated and inspired, I decided to start with this project because I can do it slowly, perfect for my indecisive brain, and I love that it will be something personal. Although I would love to get a flower press like this one from Terrain, Martha Stewart has approved the phone book method, so… phone book it is.

I’m still debating whether I want to do one big piece or several smaller frames. Thoughts? I do know that I want the overall look to be bold, bright and vibrant; with lots of greens, yellows, oranges, purples and reds. I do know that the more organic and rustic the look, the better.

The above images are my inspiration for this project, but I know I will be spending lots of time looking at for more inspiration.

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In Season: April

April 22, 2013 at 8:03 amBY Lorien


It’s amazing what one week can do. After taking one week off, we’re feeling inspired and we’re ready to start blogging again. Expect a few more personal posts, more joint posts from Joanna and I, more interviews, more recipes…. For today’s post, it seemed only fitting, to do our first post back with my new monthly series: In Season. Things that I’m doing, eating, looking forward to, all inspired by the current season.

I think with loving the warmer weather that Spring is bringing, I’m craving everything green. We had the most amazing pea risotto last week with mint and scallops, it was the perfect seasonal dish. We’re sharing it in our first joint point on Thursday.

I’m on the hunt for a backup pair of sunglasses, which sounds silly, but my current ones are pretty scratched up and I would hate to be without sunglasses, it’s like the feeling you have when you forget your cellphone at home. I’m feeling inspired by Elise’s (from Pennyweight) pair and am loving Warby Parker’s selection

This summer will be my first time going camping, we’re headed to Maine to catch a lobster boat race. I would love to get this backpack for Chris before we go. I know he was eyeing it as we were looking for briefcases/attaches/messenger bags for guys, which is surprisingly hard to find nice and affordable ones. Recommendations?

French 75 my new favorite drink. Light and refreshing (and strong), it’s the perfect match for this Spring weather. French 75′s are usually a mix of gin, lemon juice, sugar and sparkling wine. Justine’s (if you haven’t been already, definitely go already) makes the perfect one and Esquire also has a recipe for the ‘Perfect French 75′. I’ll have to try and compare.

Even though it’s only April, I’ve already had my first trip to the beach and my first seafood feast. We walked the beach with no shoes but definitely were bundled up. We watched people surf and paddle board, then headed to Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett to feast on clam chowder and clam cakes. There has to be a way to balance the upcoming bathing suit season with eating as much fried seafood as possible? Right? Delicious.

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Pairings: Color Collective

March 23, 2013 at 9:00 amBY Lorien


For Me / For Home / For Kitchen

For previous ‘Pairings’, I have done food pairings that have make my belly and tastebuds happy. But for this post, I decided to play with color….

Grey, white and black are so dreamy together. The pairing of these colors when layered together, with the different shades, are striking. They blend seamlessly together and give the look of effortlessness. It’s easy to be pulled in and it’s the same thing with these cookies, the gooey chocolate insides, make these cookies look decadent. They look like crowd pleasers, even though they are gluten free….

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