Dress the Part: Freelance Professional

January 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm



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You’re a freelance designer, a blogger, a web programmer, an artist, or self-employed entrepreneur (maybe all of the above). You rarely leave the house during the day (except for the quick pop out to the store), and most of your daily conversations happen through a mobile device.  You work from home (congratulations!), but every now and again you have to leave the house and attend a business meeting.  The jeans and t-shirt may not cut it.  What will everyone else be wearing?  I’m partially inclined to say ‘who cares’, but it’s important to remember you’re the one and only representative of your business.  Your look is part of your brand, how to dress the part?  Don’t worry – you just need some staples that can stand up to the task.  Some versatile basic pieces that can be pulled together and professional.  I say simple is always best when looking for wardrobe staples.  Good basics can be worn over and over without looking old (even with the same clients!).  These are some of my favorites, and from what I can tell, the black/white/red combo is classic and isn’t going anywhere.  Add a few accessories with the changing of seasons and you’re good to go.

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