In the Details: A Good Hook

January 13, 2013 at 10:00 am



With small living quarters comes lack of proper space for coat racks, dressers, closets, etc…Instead of living with piles and stacks, I’ve started hanging hooks.  A good hook is sacred in my house.  A place for winter coats and accessories, a place for the dog leash, jewelry, art supplies, just about anything that can hang is on a hook.  Being that I’m so interested in hanging things up, I’m also becoming increasingly picky about my hooks.  Just like anything I’d hang on the wall, I want my hooks to look good.  These four are some of my current favorites.  Last summer I purchased #4 when visiting Terrain in CT and it’s perfect for coats.  The metal accordion frame is strong and can hold five heavy winter coats.  I have my eye on the others, and will likely snag them soon.

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