Let’s Go: Nerd Nite at Mass MoCa

September 20, 2012 at 9:18 am

When looking for things to do in Western Mass for a weekend in mid October, I came across Nerd Nite at Mass MocCa. If you like the Discovery Channel and beer… then you’ll probably like Nerd Nite (or so says the Nerd Nite website).

“Nerds” present on a wide range of topics, at Mass MoCa they’ll talking about Mumblecore: The Film Movement that Didn’t Roar and Hey, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend? The Singularity, Sperm Bots and the Future of Sexual Technology to an audience of nerds and non-nerds. It started in Boston and now has taken place over 50 cities, have you been to one? I really want to go…. They also have Nerd Nite Podcasts.

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